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First Step photography group

The First Step photography group developed from the art group at First Step, a community organisation who describe themselves as a ‘multi racial project for people, young people and children based in Newcastle West’. The group worked with photographer Nicola Maxwell to capture their views of the North East January-March 2008. Here are their photographs:

More to come!

Northern Worship – Maria Knott
Maria Knott explores Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism which are three of the religions practised in the North East. Her photographs show the contrast between the unassuming outside of buildings which inside contain special spaces of worship.

After the mine closed – Pat Smith
Hazlerigg village is on the boundary between Northumberland and North Tyneside. Once a mining village serving the Havannah pit, the landscape around the village has been transformed into a nature reserve. Pat Smith, has lived in Hazlerigg since 1973. She explores the new green space but also more recent encroachments in the form of new building developments.

Newcastle Views – Mehrangiz Modaress Tabatabaei
Mehrangiz Modaress Tabatabaei has lived in the North East since the end of 2007. Her vision of the Newcastle is one of public sculptures, grand buildings and sweeping streets. Her photographs take a closer look and ask us to think again about the histories that make up every street.


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