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Art on Tyneside photography group

We met the majority of the Art on Tyneside photographers through running public stalls in Grianger Market, Tynemouth Market and Fenham Library. We took along big, high quality images from the Laing’s collection and people we’re attracted over and began point out landmarks or sharing memories. We then ran a number of photography workshops over the very cold and snowy winter of 2009-2010 and some wonderful photographs were taken.

Quayside Patterns – Chris Collins
The Sage and the Tyne Bridge as you have never seen them before. In Chris Collins’s vision the quayside icons are playfully glimpsed and her photographs bring out the personality of often-ignored objects on the Quayside, including the lamp-posts, railings and benches.

Tyneside Slices – Christian Harrison
Christian Harrison captures the contemporary atmosphere on the Quayside and in Tynemouth, near his home. He playfully explores time and change whether in the form of a time-warped Millennium Bridge, a Barbie for sale at Tynemouth market or the arresting view of a man on a snowy Tynemouth hill.

Looking Up – Geoffrey Harrison
Geoffrey Harrison took his camera on a tour of the city. However, unlike most of us, Geoffrey looked up, and has captured the beautiful architecture of Newcastle above the streets and the shops.

Heaton – Linda Hinton
Linda Hinton used to live in Heaton and still goes back to visit her favourite café. Neither the most gentrified of Newcastle suburbs nor its most deprived, Linda’s photography explores the dynamism and variety of an area which – due to students lets, private-rented accommodation and more affordable family-size houses – has become both an area for aspiration and transition.

Quayside – Barry Martin
Barry Martin – who used to make deliveries and collections for the Co-Op on the Quayside in the 50s and 60s – has delved in Quayside life today. Where the 19th-Century painters of the Quayside stand back to look at the view, Barry zooms in to find humour and history.


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